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  • Q: What changes are being made during Phase I and what will the new playground look like?

    A: The current adult exercise equipment, and toddler swings in the northwest part of the playground will be removed. New curbing and sidewalks will put in along with three new pieces of playground equipment including a net climber, a playscape, and climbing blocks. There will be a seating bench installed and a berm around the edge. You can see Kompan renderings of the equipment here and the original design concept here.


  • Q: What is happening to the existing fitness area? Is there a new location for fitness equipment?

    A: The current fitness equipment is in poor condition, and will be removed. There is not a plan for new adult fitness equipment at this time.


  • Q: What age of kids is the new playground equipment for?

    A: The new equipment will allow for additional climbing and sliding opportunities for some of our bigger kids ranging from 6 years old and up.


  • Q: When will they begin the renovation?

    A: Demolition will start in early 2020. We anticipate the new equipment will be delivered to the park in late February 2020, and installation should go quickly.


  • Q: How long will the renovation last?

    A: 8-10 Weeks


  • Q: Will the unaffected park and playground equipment be open during the updates?

    A: Yes, the existing playground, unaffected swings and other unaffected areas of the park will be open for use.


  • Q: Who is funding this project?

    A: The project is being funded by donations raised by this sub committee of Friends of Brentwood Park, Violet Crown Community Works, a grant from the Austin Parks Foundation and the Parks and Recreation Department through parkland dedication fees. Thank you to all of our neighbors and local businesses that helped by attending Oktoberfest, buying yard signs, and donating to our GoFundMe. If you would like to become a donor, click here.


  • Q: Is there a way to include donors' names in the park?

    A: While PARD is very specific about how donor names are displayed in public parks, our committee is continuing to pursue this option for future phases. Stay tuned for how your family can be recognized in perpetuity in our park design!


  • Q: What changes are planned beyond Phase I?

    A: Phase 1 of renovations is just the beginning. After additional funds are raised, future phases will include a new sandbox area with shade sails, a spinner piece, and new swings. See our complete buildout for an idea of the additions that are being planned.

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